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Eclipse Metals Ltd is a publicly traded company on the ASX, ticker code EPM, primarily engaged in the exploration and development of a significant rare earth deposit in Greenland. The company's strategic priority is to capitalise on the critical minerals market to meet increasing global demands. Eclipse Metals also maintains interests in the Northern Territory and Queensland, further underscoring its commitment to critical mineral exploration.

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About Eclipse Metals

Eclipse Metals Ltd is an Australian mineral exploration company with a primary focus on the exploration and development of a rare earth element deposit in Greenland. The company’s flagship project is the Ivigtût mine in Greenland, which historically was the world’s largest cryolite mine and now shows promising potential for rare earth elements.

In Australia, Eclipse Metals holds an extensive exploration portfolio, with 17 tenements and applications covering approximately 9,000 sqkm, that are prospective for uranium, manganese, copper, gold, vanadium, and precious metals.

Dedicated to increasing shareholder wealth, Eclipse Metals is committed to unlocking the value of its projects through strategic exploration and development. The company aims to transform viable mineral deposits into profitable mining operations or form joint ventures, thereby generating substantial income and contributing to the global supply of critical minerals.

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